What is Super Yacht Insurance?

Super yacht insurance is a specialised type of insurance designed for large, luxury vessels known as super yachts. It provides comprehensive coverage tailored to the unique risks associated with these expensive assets, including damage, liability, and marine-specific risks.

Do you need Super Yacht Insurance?

Super yacht insurance is crucial for owners, offering comprehensive protection in various scenarios. It safeguards against damage to the yacht from accidents, storms, and other marine hazards. And it can also cover liability for injuries that may occur to passengers, crew, or third parties.

This type of insurance provides coverage against theft, piracy, and vandalism, ensuring the security of the vessel and its contents. Specialised coverage extends to equipment, tenders, and personal belongings onboard, addressing all aspects of yacht operation and maintenance. Moreover, super yacht insurance ensures compliance with port and marina requirements and is often necessary for chartering or financing arrangements, making it indispensable for yacht owners.

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Securing the right super yacht insurance can be as smooth as sailing the calm seas. At Quotestar, we are experts in matching yacht owners with insurance quotes that protect both your luxury vessel and your peace of mind.

Allow us to streamline your search for insurance, freeing you to enjoy the open waters. Trust us to find a policy that shields your super yacht as thoroughly as a meticulously charted course.

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Frequently asked questions

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Can I modify my details after submitting for a quote?

Once submitted, modifications may not be possible. We recommend reviewing your information carefully before submission to ensure accuracy or you will need to resubmit a new quote.

When will I receive my quote? How will it be delivered?

Upon submitting your details, your journey with Quotestar begins! Your provided information becomes the catalyst in kickstarting the process. We take the information provided and connect you with expert insurance providers who align with the unique information you've shared. Expect a rapid and tailored response, as our goal is to ensure you receive the most suitable options to navigate your insurance choices with confidence.

How long are the quotes valid for?

Quote validity varies among insurance providers. Typically, quotes are valid for a certain duration mentioned in the provided quote details. We recommend reviewing this information carefully.

Are there insurance types beyond the ones listed on the website?

Yes, we facilitate quotes for various insurance types beyond those listed. Contact us via email to explore additional insurance categories.