Navigating the Costs of Insurance in the UAE

28 May 2024

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When living in the UAE, a place synonymous with luxury and security, understanding the costs associated with various types of insurance is vital for residents and businesses alike. In a country that prides itself on a high standard of living and a robust economic landscape, insurance serves as a cornerstone of financial planning. Here, we will explore the costs of different insurances in the UAE, providing a detailed overview of what you can expect to invest in your peace of mind.


Health Insurance:

Health insurance is mandatory in the UAE, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi leading with specific regulations. Typically, the cost for basic health insurance coverage starts around AED 600 annually, offering minimum coverage. However, for more comprehensive plans that provide wider medical coverage and access to a larger network of clinics and hospitals, premiums can range from AED 5,000 to over AED 20,000 per year. The costs can be significantly higher for premium plans, especially those that include international coverage.


Car Insurance: 

With the UAE’s love for cars, from everyday models to high-end luxury vehicles, car insurance is another crucial investment. The cost of car insurance generally ranges between 2.5% to 7% of the car’s value. The average annual cost for a mid-range car can range from AED 1,300 for third-party liability to AED 3,000 for comprehensive coverage. For luxury vehicles, premiums can exceed AED 10,000, reflecting their higher value and repair costs.


Home Insurance:

While not mandatory, home insurance is a wise choice given the range of personal items and valuables typical of UAE residences. For a two-bedroom apartment in Dubai, for instance, annual coverage can start at about AED 1,000 and can increase based on the value of the contents and additional coverage options.


Travel Insurance: 

Travel insurance is increasingly relevant, especially in a global hub like the UAE. Costs are relatively low, starting at around AED 20 for a single trip policy, but can vary widely based on the destination, duration of travel, and level of coverage.


Business Insurance:

For businesses, insurance is a broad category with varying costs. Professional indemnity insurance for small to medium enterprises can start at AED 1,500 annually. For larger businesses or those with significant liability risks, premiums can reach tens of thousands of Dirhams.


Insurance in the UAE is as diverse as its residents and businesses. While the cost can be a significant consideration, the protection it affords is invaluable. Whether it’s for personal well-being, the security of prized possessions, or the continuity of business operations, insurance provides a shield against uncertainty. It’s crucial to consider not just the cost, but also the coverage scope, ensuring you have the right protection that aligns with your needs and lifestyle in the UAE. With a little research and the help of comparison sites like Quotestar, finding an insurance policy that balances cost and coverage is well within reach.


Remember, the costs mentioned in this blog are subject to change based on individual circumstances and market fluctuations. Always consult with an insurance provider or use a comparison tool like Quotestar to get up-to-date information tailored to your specific requirements.

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